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Millennials and the younger generations are the most digitally connected generations. Their parents too are heavily influenced by them. Today, more than 60% of Indonesians has convenient access to the internet. 85 millions people here own smartphones.

In case of car buying, 90% of Indonesians started their searches online, seeking for better deals from credible sellers. Most Millennials are opened to buying used but reliable vehicles. Indonesians today spend 3 times or more on online medias than offline, and online videos are the most influencing in their car buying, according to researches.

Mobilku.com was established in the late 1999, at the very early stage of the internet era in Asia. For more than 15 years, traffic on mobilku had grown around 20% annually, reaching above 12 million hits monthly, with visitors coming from more than 5500 locations, most are educated with stronger buying powers.

With our new design, mobilku will be even more user-friendly, content rich and speedy. It is our wish to assist car sellers to display and present their vehicles in improved manners. We also wish to provide car buyers with more tools to exercise their car buying. So, Continue to enjoy browsing and making deals through mobilku.com, Thank you!

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